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Chakra Awakening Workshop

Join us for this inner journey awaken and activate your chakras. Bring awareness to your energy centres and explore through breath, sound, free dance, yoga, meditation and introspection journalling how to connect and balance the energetic body, which reflects our physical, mental and emotional selves. This workshop offers a deep understanding of yourself and a powerful set of tools for personal growth.

Workshop Day includes

Opening Circle

Understanding the Chakras

Breath Work and Sound

Chakras Yoga Dance

Shadow Work Journaling:explore inner self

Chakras Meditation and Sound Bath

Closing Circle

Saturday February 10th 1:00pm -4:30pm


A gluten and dairy free snack will be provided

About Your Guest Host Tina D’Angelo:

Tina empowers and leads individuals like you to live their healthy, authentic, and prosperous selves through her passion as both a seasoned Fitness and Wellness Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sound Healer, and Heal Your Life®️ Workshop Teacher and Life Coach. Her high frequency energy is deeply rooted from a place of LOVE. She is blessed to hold spaces for self care leading like minded persons into a more harmonious and enriched life. Tina carries over 25+ years of experience in the wellness circle and lives in Ottawa. She is a versatile consultant, compassionate coach and dynamic leader who specializes in the areas of corporate fitness and wellness management, transformational self-growth workshops, wellness retreats, group and personal fitness and wellness programs, life coaching, nutrition, yoga, sound healing meditation and mindfulness.