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Tula Yoga is excited to be servicing clients from the Balderson, Lanark, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and Perth area.  We are working hard to bring additional experts, special events and content relevant to your well being.


Rest + Reset: a sound and reiki assisted yogic journey

Thursday September 7th. 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Featuring Deonna Thomas, yogi, reiki master, spiritual guide, jewelry designer

Gather in a supported spiritual community as Deonna guides you on a restful journey to reset your mind, body, and Soul. Beginning with a collective oracle card reading, breath, essential oil aromatherapy, crystal healing, and meditation that will connect you to Spirit and the self. Our yogic practice will focus on the sacral chakra and the element of water, reminding us to be fluid like water and to let things flow in and out of our lives without resistance. Intertwining moments of gentle movement and reiki assisted stillness that will help to bring balance to the energetic body as you experience a physical release through the hips and low back while letting go of emotions and trauma that are stored in the sacral chakra. Eventually finding stillness and integration in a sound assisted savasana as Deonna guides you to a watery ocean oasis, the soothing sounds of the wave drum washing over you as you're lulled into a deeply restorative state of rest and relaxation. Closing our practice with the option to connect and share your experience with the kindred Spirits who embarked on this spiritual journey together.

After our experience you will have the opportunity to chat and connect with Deonna and shop from her collection of custom made wire wrapped crystal healing jewelry. Adorn your body with crystal healing magic that you can use for meditation, energy healing, and to remember the journey we shared.

Members: $30.00

Non-Members, Drop-Ins & Class Pass Holders: $40.00 

20 spaces available per class, click here to reserve your spot for this event.