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Tula Yoga is excited to be servicing clients from the Balderson, Lanark, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and Perth area.  We are working hard to bring additional experts, special events and content relevant to your well being.


SUNDAY MOVES - Music. Creativity. Play...for EVERY BODY

Sunday January 29th., Sunday February 26th., & Sunday March 26th @ 10:30am - 11:45am - Sunday Moves with Melissa

Do you want to move freely in community with creativity and play?

Blending music, movement, embodiment, connection and the human experience, this movement classes is a container for every body to move in ways that feel good for them.

Music and simple cues are offered to spark and propel everyone’s natural impulse to move in their own creative way.

Whether you feel like bouncing, gliding, jumping, rolling, fast or slow, standing or sitting with sharp, small or easeful movements, all of it is welcomed.

As we move in community, the magic happens as our bodies begin to communicate and naturally mirror one another. It allows us to involuntarily expanding our movement vocabulary and infuses the group with a palpable sense of connection.

Props are available to ignite play and creativity.

Moving our body freely with others can be uncomfortable for some. Take your time to ease into your practice. Connection, props or initially focusing on yourself can be helpful. Take care of yourself.

Participants of all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged to join.

Come as you are. Invite your bestie, partner, kids, grandkids or grandparents. Make it a family affair!

Walk-in: $15.00 
Members & Pass Holders: $10.00
Child (Under 12) $5.00 (Pay at the door)
*Parent/Guardian must accompany minors

20 spaces available per class, click here to reserve your spot for this event. 


Thursday January 5th. @ 6:00pm - Full Moon Meditation with Daniella
Silence hums a quiet lull on the land. The sleepy creak of resting trees, wind whispering snowdrifts into art edging in, are howls of winter hunger. The midwinter soul begs for patience, faith and good intention to guide us into gratitude. Our most humble offering for the long winter walk into the year ahead.
The full moon offering is an opportunity to gather and sit in the lunar energy together. We will journey through a guided visualization that invites us to explore a sacred landscape within. A place for deep listening, sovereign connection and wild gratitude for the winter lullaby. 
No experience is needed to make this journey or sit in this experience.Please come if you feel the nudge.Begins at 6pm.Love and gratitudeDaniella
20 spaces available, click here to reserve your spot for this wonderful event. 
Members: $10.00
Non-Members: $20.00


Wednesday December 21st. @ 6:00pm - Sacred Solstice with Daniella
This Event is Sold Out
The crackling of fire
The flickering of candlelightThe cool blanket of Winter invites a peaceful stillnessSitting with the dark, we honour the longest nightSinking into gratitude, we welcome back the lightLet the beat of the drum move you as we journey with tree medicine, clear space with Sage, practice deep listening in restorative yoga and restoration through channeled reiki as we soak in sacred space together and reflect with gratitude. Guided by the Spirit of the season and honoured by the return of the Sun. Join us if you feel the nudge.Begins at 6pm.Bring a mug for tea, journal if you write, special personal items for ritual if you have any. Mostly, just come as you are. Dress comfortably.Love and gratitudeDaniella
Only 12 spaces available, click here to reserve your spot for this wonderful event. 

Members: $20.00
Non-Members: $30.00