Our Team

Debbi Neill CYA- E-RYT 500

Founder and Owner

I have been teaching in the health and fitness industry for  over 20 years. I started off as a Personal Trainer and moved into Massage Therapy specializing in Sports Massage and Rehabilitation. I understood the need for balance within our muscular system and how to continue on our fitness path while staying away from injuries.

 From there, I began teaching a variety of fitness classes and soon became an expert in Fitness Instruction, Exercise Therapy, Active Ageing and Yoga Teaching.

My passion for helping people build strength, improve mobility and overcome injuries continues to grow all with one goal in mind: to achieve functional movement through a comfortable, balanced, and fun journey.

Mik Neill CYA-RYT 200

Mik has dabbled in yoga since she was a toddler. She completed her 200 yoga teaching in Costa Rica where she also discovered a love for surfing. Mik is a natural teacher and looks forward to meeting you on the mat and sharing this yoga journey with you!


Daniella Comacchio

I had the great privilege to study yoga in India in 2011, and learn from my guides.  This background is my main compass and along with it I carry the experience I have gained in the 11 years since.  I listen to the room and teach from there because each day can be different, each breath is sacred and I believe in the magic of the space we create together.  In my classes yoga is a much a relaxing reprieve, a building of inner and outer strength, as well a journey into the little spaces in our bodies and minds.  Mostly I believe our yoga practice is a place where we can soften to what's right here in the present moment. My education and experience is colourful in styles of yoga, meditation, retreats and traditional healing but my experience with people is just as rich in learning.  My classes are grounded in trusting my intuition, connecting with people, and learning along traditional foundations of practical knowledge I have acquired.  Yoga is a lifestyle to me and I get so stoked to explore and share all of the magical spaces of this beautiful practice with others!

Phillipa Syme

Philippa began practicing Yoga as a youn mom 40+ years ago.  She was later inspired to become a teacher because Yoga positively impacted her own life.  Her teaching brings students into an awareness of a Yoga practice for the improving of health on many levels.  Philippa's classes encourage students to use yoga postures to safely get into their own unique bodies.  Yin Yoga with its quiet and more meditative focus on deeper tissues is the Hatha style that most resonates for her.

Philippa has 200-hour certification to teach Hatha Yoga, 50-hours certification in Yin Yoga and 35-hours certification in Chair Yoga.  She also has Level 1 certification in Restorative Yoga.


Alexis Scott

Alexis started practicing yoga about 10 years ago in theatre school. Yoga was a daily part of the three year program and because of this she is an avid promoter of developing a regular yoga practice. Yoga has impacted her postively on and off the mat. She loves that yoga allows us to relax deeper into our own bodies while building strength. Alexis completed her 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training at Prana Shanti Yoga Centre in spring 2020. Come to her class to feel stretched and soothed.