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“Tula” is a Sanskrit word meaning balance.

Our mission at Tula is to provide an elevated experience in a supportive and relaxing atmosphere that promotes growth, balance and strength in community!

Hatha Yoga:Is the physical form of yoga and contains the foundation postures for all styles of yoga. This class will focus on breath and alignment.
All levels welcome.

Hatha Flow: Is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another seamlessly using breath.
All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga: Yin is a subtle practice designed to stretch the connective tissue of the body. It is slow, still and meditative.
All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle Yoga blends restorative (supported postures), gentle yoga postures and breath work. This class is great for those who need something gentle yet effective, if you have had recent surgery, chronic painter just need to work more slowly. Therapeutic Yoga is a deeply meditative experience that will bring your body into balance and reduce stress so you can feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.
This class is great for beginners.

Active Aging (55 and over): A gentle Yoga practice that allows for continued functionality, strength and independence which can be transferred to Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).

Restorative Yoga: Restorative Yoga is a passive, meditative form of yoga that allows you to focus on your breath while releasing tension in your body.
Unlike other forms of yoga, restorative yoga requires that you hold to asanas or poses for an extended length of time, typically 5 minutes or more.