True Nature Meditation Series

True Nature Meditation Series

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True Nature - Meditation Series with Daniella

Thursdays in November at 6pm

Breath and Awareness
A slowing down
a pace and rhythm
in likeness with life itself
an authentic aliveness
that heals and tends
a compassionate heart
the happy soul of life
From where
we are offered perspective
A honing of our inner compass
an opportunity to feel into balance
as we navigate our footsteps on this Earth
All that which guides
a settling into
our True Nature.

Nov. 2 - Coming Home to the Breath
Nov. 9 - Tuning the Energetic Body
Nov. 16 - Befriending the Mind
Nov. 23 - The Magic of Perception

Sliding Scale Exchange:
Resilient : $22/session
Standard : $33/session
Abundant : $44/session

* If finances are an obstacle reach out to (
- no one will be refused *